[...] Ruţă-Fulger lives in the world that he paints. The world of fabula and abstractions. Why abstractions? Because in that way it is easier for him to show what he sees and what he thinks, without exposing himself to the criticism of spying and distortion of reality.
He does not observe the world, he interprets it. And maybe, therefore, we like it because it does not require any statement, any positions towards problems. We can not see any dilemma in his works. There is a colorful, well-composed world, like in the stories about the King Matthew the First. A fairytale usually has a happy end. It is why we like it.
Each of us would like to own a fairytale, to the point of being in it forever. Maybe this time we will manage to enter inside and we will dance free and colorful.
Marian Gołogórski, April 2010, Krakow

Delimitări contextuale - Cristian Ruţă-Fulger

[...] As a result of his academic studies, the artist was initially interested in mapping the surfaces, as well as in handling the general relationship between colors. His way of working and his sovereign insights enable him to grasp the endless zone of pictorial pure essence. Some of his works show that his underlying commitment to the abstract strategy and to the language of representations refines itself progressively. The deep levels of the imagistic content challenge the mere geometrical compelling force of the illusory perspectives. The discreet vitality, which is depicted while exploring dynamic structures, emphasizes the authenticity of communication which stems from the truth and the high impact of chromatic expression. All of these aspects undeniably point towards a genuine native talent. Brisk details open alternative space-time dimensions that reflect intuitive sparks of perception. The intellectual refinement of his emotional emphasis, subscribed to abstract neo-expressionism, brings the background down to a series of subtle suggestions of the universe of natural forms and materiality, which are specific either to organic or inorganic structures. [...]
Excerpt from Livius George Ilea's issue Contextual Notes - Cristian Ruţă-Fulger, in the Tribune cultural magazine, No 108, 1-15 March 2007, Cluj-Napoca.

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